De-icing and Anti-icing strategies, technologies and ROI scenarios

Hands-on experience and icing lessons from industry experts, wind farm owners, developers and wind turbine manufactures will give an insight into current challenges and requirements. Join this focused knowledge exchange and discuss:

  • Last innovations in de-icing and anti-icing systems to avoid costly downtimes

  • Reliability of de-icing systems: Is the whole blade ice free? How promptly do de-icing systems react to icing variability? 

  • Ice throw scenarios assessment: Task 19 international ice risk assessment guidelines

  • New players in the market and reliable ice prevention strategies to reduce damages and repairs 

  • Smart data analysis and interpretation to tackle production looses

  • Cost-analysis, production gains and ROI for ice prevention systems

  • Reliable ice risk assessment for improved bankability: Practices to minimize financial risks and warranty systems

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Join this focussed knowledge exchange and discuss:

ice prevention

Reliable ice prevention techniques to avoid costly downtimes


Advanced de-icing and anti-icing systems to reduce damages and repairs

cold climate wind turbine

Evaluation of cold climate wind turbines for increased income at ice-prone sites

production gains

Cost-analysis, production gains and ROI for ice prevention systems

icing risk assessment

Impact of icing events and icing risk assessment to calculate risks and costs

In this IQPC networking event, expert presentations are followed by discussions and interactive sessions.
If you are interested in contributing, please contact Carmen.Nieto@iqpc.de

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